Custom Air Brushing

custom air brushing - west sussex
Big Man Design - Custom painting & all airbrushing carried out here in West Sussex, working out of a unit big enough to take in bikes, cars & vans to create a bespoke custom paint job with the use of airbrushing techniques.

I have been airbrushing for a few years now but only as a hobby, I've now taken it to the next level as I can turn out perfect work where clients are happy to pay for a new look for their bike, crash helmet or even front room.

I have also sat classes, tutored by the genius that is Simon Murray.

From a boy, I have always admired all types of artwork but get excited & enjoy the designs that airbrushing techniques can create, all be it on a fiery hotrods, guitar or creating a fantasy scene.

Most work is carried out in Sussex but I can work mobile if needed to commission a bedroom, dining room etc. This includes working without a power source as i have mobile compressed air tanks.

My Airbrushing Projects.

Please feel free to browse examples of my work.

Auto-Air Colours.

With the use of AUTO-AIR COLOURS, there are many combinations to choose from to make it stand out from the rest.


Shape your future project with a sharp design and custom paint job from Big Man Design.